Saturday, May 31, 2014

10 days after planting

After ten of planting my seeds, this is what we have.

They are really beginning to sprout!!!!

New Year, New Luffa 2014

Ok, last year I was not able to finish posting all my photos and care for my luffa's like I wanted to. I have started again this year and I am going to be posting regularly.
I started a new batch of Luffa's this year on 03/01/2014.
I will be posting images as they grow.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 19

Last time I posted was when my wonderful dog attacked my loofah plants as they were just starting to grow. I potted the three that were left in planters and put them out of her reach. No more eating mommy's plants Nala.
Now, on day 19 they are all three doing great and have been moved into the full sun shine. They are growing good and have started to develop the vine leaves on them already. I am going to plant them in the ground this weekend and put a fence around them that is puppy proof. Cross your fingers guys and gals.
I will be posting new pictures this weekend and maybe even a video.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Day 11

The plants were outside this am and then my son let the dog out. They were sitting on a tote on the porch.
This is Nala, evidently she likes to eat plants. Loofah plants that is. 

This is the result of the the teeth on my baby girl.

As you can see she had to eat the biggest sprouts. Most of the plants have teeth marks in them. I have replanted most of the ones that weren't messed up too bad back into the soil. I am hoping that i can save them.

The next day after fixing and replanting them i have decided to replant them again in a bigger pot with Miracle Grow potting soil. Miracle Grow is the only soil that i use for all my plants. It works well and will continue to feed the plants for up to 6 months.
I used my finger to push the plant up through the bottom hole as not to ruin the roots of the plant. 

 I filled the pots with soil and packed it down.
 I placed the plant and roots in the middle of the pot. Held it up with one hand and packed the soil in around it. I made sure to secure the roots well and cover them completely with soil. I then watered them and place them on a shelf out of reach of the dog this time. Hopefully she won't learn to climb anytime

This is the finished plant.

These are the four plants that i was able to save. The roots are still white and healthy. If you look at the one in the top left corner, it doesn't have any leaves at all.
 I hope this works. I will be glad with only four plants left. I have bought my lattice and stakes and just waiting for them to get a little bigger. I am getting a little impatient now.

Will keep you update on their growth. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Even if it isn't related to the stage that my plants are in now.

byebye and keep growing.

Day 10

Things are going great for our plants. They are going a little everyday and seem to be healthy. I think that i will take then outside for a couple of days. I think the extra sunlight will be good for the seeds that haven't sprouted yet. Take a look at what we have today.

I hope that they will continue to grow just as well if not better outside. Let's check on them tomorrow. 

byebye for now and keep growing

Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 8

I woke this morning to see that my plants have had a growth spurt.
They have all gotten bigger over night. Yeah!!!

They will continue to grow over time and i can't wait to share it with you. Two of these sprouts in the front have almost grown tall enough to reach the top of the greenhouse. I have put the lid back on for now to try and help the rest of the plants sprout. Loofah gourds like a lot of sunlight and air. Since it is summer time here i think that i will put them outside in a day or two under the porch. Just to give them more room. Soon i will have to put stakes in to keep them growing up. Remember that this plant is a vine. You can train it to grow wherever you want. Make sure that you start the path while the plant is young though.

byebye for now and keep growing

1 Week

1 week after planting my seeds you can already see the growth of some of my seeds. They have started to sprout. This is the exciting part of growing. Watching them get a little bigger every day. Loofah (luffa) gourds will grow a little each day.

Day Seven:

On the far right you can see that one of the sprouts has grown out of the soil with the second seed attached to it. It almost looks like a bug on the stem of the plant. Don't know how this is going to look and grow, but i guess that we will find out. Interested to see what will happen with this one. Have never had this before.
I will refer to this plant as my twins....hey hey. 

So far i only have seven seeds that have sprouted from the soil. I can't wait to see how many more surface of the next few days.
byebye for now and keep growing